Reporting and Complaints

Portugal Ventures’ core commitments, which are reflected in its corporate values, are COMMITMENT (accountability, loyalty), TRANSPARENCY (order, rigour) and EXCELLENCE (quality, satisfaction).

As such and in order to comply with its legal obligations as a venture capital firm, Portugal Ventures provides its employees and other stakeholders (in particular, shareholders, members of its governing bodies, clients, counterparties, suppliers and service providers) several independent channels and/or means to report any wrongdoing, submit complaints and/or request information.

Wrongdoing means any event, situation or behaviour that is a (real or potential) breach of the legal and regulatory rules to which Portugal Ventures is bound, its internal rules of procedure and approved policies and/or ethical principles which all those who work with Portugal Ventures must follow, as well as situations that are an attempt to conceal such a breach.

Complaints means any situation reported by investors/participants of the funds managed by Portugal Ventures, not exclusive to professional investors, who believe they have been caused harm by Portugal Ventures’ conduct or lack of action concerning the management of venture capital funds, in accordance with the Asset Management Regulatory Framework.

Reports, complaints and requests for information may be submitted, at any time, by any of the following means:

  • filling out an online form on the PORTUGAL VENTURES website;
  • sending an e-email to;
  • sending a signed-for registered letter addressed to the PORTUGAL VENTURES Ethics Committee, to the following address:

Av. Dr. Antunes Guimarães, 103
4100-079 Porto, Portugal.

The rules on the reception, recording, handling, follow-up and storage of reports received by PORTUGAL VENTURES are set out in the Whistleblowing and Complaints Policy.

If you wish to report any wrongdoing using the online form available for such purpose, please fill in the form below:

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