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AICEP Portugal Global

aicep Portugal Global - Trade & Investment Agency is a government business entity, created in 2007, focused on encouraging the best foreign companies to invest in Portugal and to contribute to the success of Portuguese companies abroad in their internationalization processes or export activities. Resulting from the merger between API and Icep, former investment and economic promotion agencies, aicep Portugal Global's ultimate goal is to promote a competitive business environment that stimulates the international expansion of our economy. AICEP is your “one-stop-shop” Agency, and reliable partner, whenever you are looking to invest or buy Portuguese services or products.

Banco BIC Português

Banco BIC is a Portuguese Private Bank, whose main mission is to strengthen and develop economic relations between Portugal and Angola by stimulating the flows between both countries, directing its activities towards the support of the Portuguese business sector in its internationalisation strategy for that country; namely exporting goods and services and direct investment in Angola.

Banco Efisa

Banco Efisa operates mostly in corporate banking and investment, namely in Corporate and Project Finance. It also develops tailor-made solutions for its clients based on their investment projects and financial needs.

Banco Santander Totta

The Santander Group is a banking group led by Santander Bank, the largest in the Euro Zone, the sixth biggest company in the world, the fourth in banking. It originated in Santander, Cantabria, Spain.

BPI - Banco Português de Investimento

Banco Português de Investimento is a private bank in Portugal. It is part of the Euronext Lisbon PSI-20 index. The BPI Group is led by BPI Bank, which is a multi-specialised financial group focused on banking.

Citibank Europe Plc, Sucursal em Portugal

Citi was one of the first international banks to set up in Portugal, after the financial sector opened in 1985, thus establishing its presence in the country 30 years ago. It works exclusively in the area of products and services for businesses, focusing on the larger Portuguese economic groups (financial and non-financial), the public sector, subsidiaries of multinational groups and international investors who invest in Euronext Lisbon. 

Companhia de Seguros Açoreana

Açoreana, a century-old insurance company that employs nearly 550 collaborators, and has 48 branches and 3,250 active agents. It has one of the best geographical coverages in the insurance market, from the Flores Island (the Azores) to Trás-os-Montes (nothern corner province of Portugal), crossing Madeira Island, the Algarve and the main city centres of Continental Portugal.

DGTF - Direção-Geral do Tesouro e Finanças

The Directorate General of Treasury and Finance of the Portuguese Ministry of Finance (DGTF) ensures the realisation of the State's financial intervention operations, follows up on issues related to the State's supervision of the public, administrative and business sectors and the State shareholder function and ensures the integrated management of State-owned property as well as the intervention in property transactions within the public sector.

IAPMEI - Agência para a Competitividade e Inovação

The Portuguese Institute for the Support of Small and Medium Enterprises and Innovation (IAPMEI), the agency for competitiveness and innovation, is aimed at assisting and strengthening the innovation, entrepreneurship and investment policies for SMEs that develop their activity under the scope of the Portuguese Ministry of Economy (with the exception of the tourism sector).

Millennium BCP (Banco Comercial Português)

Millennium BCP is the largest private Portuguese Bank, and is present in other countries namely through its banking operations in Poland, Greece, Mozambique, Angola, Romania and Switzerland. All operations are carried out under the Millennium brand.

Montepio Geral

Montepio Geral - Associação Mutualista (mutual association) is a Portuguese financial institution. It represents and leads Caixa Económica Montepio Geral and a host of diverse portfolio companies , aiming to secure an active role in the social economy through its management.

Novo Banco

Novo Banco is a diversified financial group, with stakes in Retail Banking, Investment Banking, Corporate Banking, Private Banking and Asset Management. The Novo Banco works in all segments related to individual, corporate and institutiuonal clients.

PME Investimentos, Sociedade de Investimento

PME Investimentos – Sociedade de Investimentos, S.A. is a credit institution in the public business sector that, within the scope of its mission, supports the development of innovative financing tools and aims to promote the development and increase of the financing offer to companies in the non-financial sector, particularly to SMEs, namely through the management of special investment funds. The investment funds managed by PME Investimentos are instruments of public policy to support the financing of companies, from own capital and credit standpoints.

Turismo de Portugal

Integrated within the Ministry of the Economy, Innovation and Development, Turismo de Portugal is the national tourism authority responsible for the promotion, enhancement and sustainability of tourism activities, bringing together within a single entity all the institutional competencies related to the stimulation of tourism activities, from supply to demand.

General Meeting:

Chairman: Alberto Amorim Pereira

Deputy-Chairman: Sara Ambrósio

Secretary: Sofia Costa