FC&RD – Fast COVID and Respiratory detection

Big Idea

FastCompChem develops technologies that enable simulations with tens of thousands of atoms with precise methods ab initio of quantum mechanics. These algorithms can also be used to train databases for artificial intelligence and machine learning, providing new molecular descriptors for use in SAR studies. Fastcompchem is revolutionizing the research process associated with the development of new drugs. Also, FastCompChem developed a solution for diagnosing Covid19 infection that uses Deep Learning to analyse X-ray chest images. It is known that Covid19 infection causes lung abnormalities that can be detected through chest imaging. FastCompChem solution focus on X-ray images (lower radiation) since the technology is also proposed beyond clinical applications.


Pedro Lopes – Chief Scientific Officer; Sérgio Dias – Chief Technology Officer; Vitor Crespo – Board Advisor

Portugal Ventures’ Investment Manager

Helena Maio