Landratech – Armazém da bolota

Big Idea

Landratech is a physical and digital platform for the enhancement of acorn. Despite poorly explored, this highly nutritious and gluten-free fruit is extremely abundant in the native forests of northern hemisphere. The company now becomes a dynamic point that links the previously fragmented value chain. Landratech’s innovation activities provide value-added solutions for both the acorn-producing forest owners, who struggle with the low yield of their woods, and for the food industry, which craves healthy and sustainable food with a positive impact on the environment. We are the driving force for a paradigm shift in the management of our native forests. With Landratech it is possible to have a strong economic return while keeping living and healthy forests.

Activity Highlights

  • Finalists of the EIT Food Programme 2020 and Masschallenge
  • Co-founders of the Confraria Ibérica da Bolota


Pedro Babo; Raphaël Canadas

Portugal Ventures’ Investment Manager

Helena Maio