What is Call Fostering Innovation in Tourism

  • The Call Fostering Innovation in Tourism invests in tourism projects in pre-seed phase, Non-Tech and Tech;
  • Until 100 thousand euros per project;
  • With potential to contribute to the development of the tourist offering in Portugal and to improve the competitiveness of the sector’s companies and the tourist experience and to increase their level of satisfaction;
  • Submissions are open until 15th October.

Eligibility Conditions


  • Document proving the conclusion of one of the acceleration programmes;
  • Projects for incorporate and to be incorporated companies with headquarters in Portugal;
  • Innovative, resulting from the original ideas of the Promoters.
  • Present the assumptions to economic viability.

Non Technogical Projects Characteristics:

  • Tourist entertainment activities related to cultural/landscape heritage, tourist experiences to discover new territories as well as activities associated with the use of endogenous resources and the revitalization of spaces of cultural interest;
  • Innovative tourist accommodation or that have a direct connection to the promotion of culture or the environment;
  • In the case of construction or reconstruction projetcs, the respective licensing must have been previously obtained.

Examples: Design hotels, Boutique hotels, Eco-resorts and similar establishments; Innovative accommodation (glamping, house boats); Tour operators; Theme parks; Nautical, equestrian, wine tourism, gastronomy; Tourist entertainment activities.

Technogical Projects Characteristics:

  • Product-oriented (tradable goods & services);
  • Based on internationally referenced R&D;
  • Innovative and differentiated;
  • Appropriable Technology;
  • Positioned on global value chains;
  • Significant global market potential.

Examples: Artificial Intelligence (AI); Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR); Internet of Things (IoT); Electronics; Mobile; Clean Tech; Robotics; Marketplaces; Software or hardware that enhances the tourist experience or contributes to a more efficient operation.


  • 15th September to 15th October: Project submissions;
  • Until 31st October: pre-screening of the submitted projects by the Portugal Ventures’ Tourism Business unit, and complemented by Turismo de Portugal and Nest elements;
  • 31st October to 11th November: Evaluated panels with tourism experts;
  • 14th to 18th November: pitch to the Portugal Ventures’ Board of Directors;
  • Until 13th December: investment proposal (term-sheet) send to the promoteurs;
  • Until 20th December: term-sheet acceptance by the promoters;
  • February 2023: investment agreements signatures.

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