Fernando Peres Ferreira

Investment Manager

Fernando Ferreira has 20 years’ experience in the Portuguese venture capital industry. Throughout his career he has helped implement and manage several investments in the turn-around and growth stages. He recently specialised in startup and expansion projects of benchmark companies such as AnubisNetworks, Aptoide, DefinedCrowd, Jscrambler, Outsystems and ToLife. Fernando is currently part of Portugal Ventures’ Digital Venture Capital Division. 

Fields of expertise: AI/ML, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Mobile 

Companies Current: BitSight, DefinedCrowd, Doppio, JScrambler, Legal Vision, Lovys, Probely, Taikai; companies which received Seed investment: Outsystems, ToLife 

Reference Rounds: Aptoide (1st ICO of a Portuguese company), BitSight ($60M Series D), DefinedCrowd ($50M Series B), Lovys ($20M), Jscrambler ($2.3M Seed Extension) 

Reference Exits: AnubisNetworks, Fyde e ToLife