Filomena Pastor

Investment Director

Filomena Pastor has vast experience in making and managing Private Equity investments and, more recently, in Venture Capital investment. She is also involved in launching and managing Venture Capital investment funds. Throughout her career, Filomena has monitored and engaged in managing strategic investments in different industry sectors, such as glass (packaging and flat glass), concrete, pulp, non-woven fabrics, porcelain and faience and furniture. She has also improved her knowledge and skills in areas such as Corporate Finance, M&A, Risk Management, International Marketing, Evaluation and Venture Capital Best Practices. She has collaborated with the Catholic University of Portugal within the scope of the “Advanced Management Programme for Executives (PAGE)” and the “Advanced Finance Programme for Executives (PAFE)”. She has held or holds positions as Director of companies such as Logoplaste, SGPS, Tema Home, SA, Grupo Visabeira, SGPS, Vista Alegre Atlantis, SA, Grupo Salvador Caetano, SGPS, BERD, SA,  Follow Inspiration, S.A. and Friday, SA. Filomena is currently Director of Portugal Capital Ventures, SCR, S.A, where she coordinates the Engineering & Manufacturing team and is in charge of investments and managing the Portuguese startups portfolio, which are mainly tech-based and offer innovative technologies, solutions or products and a differentiating value proposition for the global market, for areas such as agri-tech, clean-tech, smart manufacturing and smart materials.