Nuno de Almeida

Investment Manager

Nuno de Almeida has over 20 years’ experience in the venture capital industry, initially in private equity and recently in venture capital. Prior to working in the venture capital industry, Nuno held the position of financial manager at several SMEs in the manufacturing industry after spending nearly 5 years as Senior Consultant at EY in auditing and due diligence, focusing particularly on manufacturing industries and services. He represents Portugal Ventures on the Board of several portfolio companies as part of his current duties. Nuno is currently part of Portugal Ventures’ Manufacturing & Technology business unit as Investment Manager. 

Fields of expertiseNew materials; electronics; robotics 

Companies – Current: AJP Motos; Graphenest; Omniflow; Possible Answer; NewCoffee; previous companies: Ach Brito; Berd; Catari; Epedal; Frissul; Grupo Salvador Caetano; Nemoto; PayUp 

Reference Rounds – AJP Motos; Cubo; Follow Inspiration; Graphenest and Possible Answer 

Reference Exits – Ach Brito; Catari and Nemoto