Portugal Ventures announces Ivity Brand Corp as new Corporate partner

Lisbon, February 19, 2024Portugal Ventures, the Venture Capital Company of the Banco Português de Fomento Group, is pleased to announce the integration of Ivity Brand Corp into the Corporate Partner Network.

Portugal Ventures created the Corporate Partner Network at the end of 2019 to establish partnerships with leading national companies and create synergies in the development of new products and business opportunities, thus continuing to foster technological innovation at the service of companies and society. The partnership with Ivity Brand Corp, a national benchmark in the creation of iconic brands over the last 39 years such as Multibanco, GALP, TAP, SONAE, Outsystems, DELTA, FIDELIDADE, and many others, will:

  • Enable the creation of new technological solutions for Ivity’s area of activity, taking advantage of the technical know-how of the startups in Portugal Ventures’ portfolio;
  • Provide branding and communication support to the portfolio;
  • Providing Portugal Ventures’ portfolio with knowledge to boost the competitiveness of startups in the markets where they develop their businesses.

For Teresa Fiúza, Vice President of Portugal Ventures, “By integrating Ivity Brand Corp into our Corporate Partner Network, Portugal Ventures is once again fulfilling its objective, providing its portfolio with direct contact with one of the country’s leading branding companies, which, due to its history and expertise, will provide knowledge and help to interpret the brand concept as a fundamental element in the development of its businesses.” She added: “Partnerships through this Network are a win-win, allowing new business opportunities to be leveraged and positive results for all parties involved.”

For Carlos Coelho, President of Ivity, “this integration of Ivity into Portugal Ventures’ Corporate Partners Network is very exciting, as it allows us to bring all our experience in creating brands to the ambition of the entrepreneurs who found startups, helping to generate value from the materialization of their ideas. Ivity stands out for its ability to create brands with longevity and sustainability, the result of an appropriate strategic formulation, which intersects with the business strategy of Portuguese companies that aspire to grow in the global market.”