Technological product development company, specializing in innovative hardware and software solutions for sanitary devices

Big Idea

Ablute is a urinalysis device integrated in a toilet. The toilet is exclusive and wash itself, completely, with almost no water and no detergents, after each use. Medical analyzes are instantly transmitted to the user in a simple language and completely to the doctor. The mission aims to provide exams free of charge and the recognition that the information obtained in each analysis serves, in addition to its clinical importance, the interest of daily use for non-medical information. The company develops the sanitary hardware, as well as the medical device. It includes the software that transmits the analyzes to the user and doctor, as well as a revolutionary Lab-On-a-Chip, with resilient characteristics, designed for continuous reuse, without discards or consumables. Frequent monitoring is essential for early diagnosis, as well as disease surveillance and control. The exams carried out in the Ablute toilet do not cause trauma or pain to the patient and can be done with high frequency. 


Nuno Marujo – CEO; Carla Dias – CTO; Bruno Nascimento – CMO; Hugo Ferreira – CSO.

Portugal Ventures’ Investment Manager

Helena Taveira