Algarve Sun Boat Trips

Sun Boat – The first sustainable boat tour operator

Big Idea

Sun + Sea = Sustainability SunBoat is the first sustainable boat tour operator. They sail in 100% ecological electrossolar powered boats, which don´t produce any CO2 emissions and enable comfortable, silent and, above all, environmentally friendly tours. They consider that all forms of tourism must be ecologically responsible, as well as economically and socially sustainable, to which we add an innovative service with unique characteristics, already recognized for its superior quality. This is an ideal that they incorporate into the reality of nautical tourism in the Algarve, where they operate with tours along the west coast or up the Arade river, with Portimão as the center.

Activity Highlights

  • First and only 2 Blue Flags for Algarve Boats with Sustainable Certification by Biosphere Get Your Guide Eco-certification


Pedro Mestre – Founder & CEO; Ricardo Gonzalez – CMO.

Portugal Ventures’ Investment Manager

Miguel Barbosa