Produce the most potent antioxidant for human consumption

Big Idea

Algicel Biotecnologia e Investigação was founded in 2007, on the island of São Miguel, in the Azores. The company has registered patents for growing microalgae, from which are extracted powerful and highly valued ingredients for supplements and human health. The company Vision is to bring to the world health benefits extracted from the pure Nature of the Azores, and its Mission is to produce the most potent antioxidant for human consumption, of natural origin, obtained from the valorization of Azorean natural resources. Algicel works side by side with the University of the Azores in order to proceed with R&D projects looking for new breakthroughs. Algicel is bound to grow its market both in Portugal and abroad, supplying state of the art products for health.

Activity Highlights

  • recognised by Correio dos Açores in 2020 in the category Inovation “Os 10 mais 2020”;
  • recoginsed in 2023 with the certification of R&D by ANI (National Innovation Agency).


Maria Helena Pereira da Silva; Gonçalo Cristóvão Teixeira da Mota; Luis Filipe Chaves Medeiros Teves.

Portugal Ventures’ Investment Manager

Pedro Grilo