Azores Touch

Book Your Azores Holiday with Azores Touch

Big Idea

 Azores Touch is a company created in 2016 by CEO Sérgio Cota, and is represented by a young and dynamic team. The areas of the company include rental car, tourist entertainment and the large slice that is the management of local accommodation. 

The purpose of this company is to provide the best possible experience for those who visit them from arrival to departure by demonstrating as much possible of what is local. Our mission is to facilitate access to all available services and activities (some of them which are exclusive!) so that people’s holidays, in contact with our nature, culture, history and people are unforgettable. It’s headquarters is on Terceira Island and has already expanded to Graciosa Island.  In the future they intend to expand to other islands and reach a wider range of people. 

Activity Highlights

  • Works with a wide network of partners, especially on the Azores (Booking, Airbnb, Azores Getaways, among others). 


Sérgio Cota – CEO

Portugal Ventures Investment Manager

Adelina Figueiredo