Big Idea

Bandora is a virtual facility manager 24/7 dedicated to well operate and maintain your commercial building! Bandora integrates with any existent IoT systems, so we do not overlap, but complement the current investments! We push commercial buildings to operate to their utmost efficiency, keep spaces well ventilated and healthy, look for the optimal comfort zone for the occupants and detect abnormal consumptions, in order to reduce unexpected downtimes and stop wasting energy.

Activity Highlights

  • Bold Ideas Innovation’18 Challenge da Schneider Electric – top 30;
  • Proptech Challenge’18 – Top 25;
  • Innovation Station Auchan’18 – WildCard;
  • EEPA’18 winner;
  • MINI URBAN-X national finalist’20;
  • Lift Labs COMCAST finalist’21 – Top5.


Márcia Pereira – CEO; Ricardo Gomes.

Portugal Ventures’ Investment Manager

Helena Taveira