Video training made easy

Big Idea

Bugle is an easy to use online video training platform for companies to share training and knowledge with their customers, partners and employees. We help Marketing, Sales, Operations, Customer Success and other strategic teams achieve better results by using training to onboard and train customers, partners and team, and to attract and convert leads.

By offering customer education in an academy available 24/7 in any device, our customers can improve crucial metrics such as increase product usage and adoption, reduce churn, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, increase revenue, reduce operational costs and so on.

Bugle’s Digital Learning Solutions team helps customers create their training courses from turnkey to light consultancy solutions.

Activity Highlights

  • 2015 – EdTech 20 Finalist
  • 2018 – Great User Experience Award from Finances Online
  • 2018 – Rising Star Award for Learning Management System from Finances Online


João Ferro Rodrigues – Founder & CEO; Ana Luísa Morgado – Head of Digital Learning Solutions; Joana Fonseca – Head of Marketing; Francisca Cordeiro – Head of Customer Success; Rodrigo Pessoa Jorge – Business Development Manager; Leandro Maringolo – CTO; Carina Leal – Product Development Manager.

Portugal Ventures Investment Manager

António Martinez