Fast and efficient content delivery is the key in a digitally connected world. Codavel is the key.

Big Idea

At Codavel, they believe in content delivery at maximum speed and efficiency – for any user, device, network or content. They want their customers to provide their mobile app users with the best experience they can, and that’s only possible by tackling what’s currently out of control: the network. The inherent instability of the wireless last mile, such as Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G or even the upcoming 5G, is killing the speed of mobile apps. That’s why Codavel has created Bolina. Its SDK controls network instability end-to-end, ensuring significant speed improvements in all kinds of network connections – and considerably improving the end-user’s experience.


Rui Costa – CEO & Co-Founder; Diogo Ferreira – CTO & Co-Founder; Paulo Oliveira – Head of Security & Co-Founder.

Portugal Ventures Investment Manager

Adão Oliveira