Metaverse for live sports

Big Idea

FootAR is a groundbreaking company that specializes in augmented reality solutions for sports fans. Their mission is to enhance the sports viewing experience by providing real-time data and immersive features through our innovative mobile application. With FootAR, fans can access live scores, detailed statistical information, and highlights of matches, ensuring they never miss a moment of the action. Their app also offers a social aspect, allowing fans to connect with other enthusiasts in real-time chat rooms and be part of a vibrant community. One of its standout features is xGoals, which provides users with insights into the likelihood of players scoring goals based on various factors such as their position on the field and the timing of the game. This unique feature adds an exciting element of prediction and analysis to the user experience. Furthermore, FootAR is designed to be accessible to fans anywhere, whether at the stadium, at home, or at a bar. Their app is compatible with both mobile devices , web and smart TVs, ensuring that users can enjoy the immersive experience regardless of their preferred viewing platform. As a company, they are committed to innovation and collaboration. They have established partnerships with top clubs, federations, sports broadcasters, telecommunications companies, and bookmakers to deliver a comprehensive solution for all stakeholders in the sports industry. With our cutting-edge technology, passion for sports, and commitment to user satisfaction, FootAR is revolutionizing the way fans engage with their favorite sports, creating an immersive and personalized experience that keeps them connected and informed like never before.

Activity Highlights

  • FootAR was selected by the following acceleration programmes: leAD Sports Accelerator, Germany, HYPE Sports Innovation, USA, Arena Hub, Brazil, Amazon NOS 5G, Portugal , SCB Innovation Hub and by EIT Digital, Belgium that invested in the project. FootAR is part of the syndicate EgamesLAB


David Olim – CEO; Baltasar Sousa Co-founder & CTO; Gilberto Coelho – CFO; Miguel Ribeiro – Diretor de Inovação e I&D

Portugal Ventures’ Investment Manager