Next Generation Fraude Detection

Big Idea

Fraudio is an Amsterdam based scale-up helping companies in the payment ecosystem fight payment fraud and financial crime with its unique ability to build high performing AI and ML models without costly customisation. It is trusted by some of the fastest growing companies in the world, protecting them from payment fraud, merchant-initiated fraud and money laundering. It’s easy to integrate with products that deliver best-in-class fraud detection from day 1, allowing clients to scale their customer bases safely, reducing operational costs and fraud losses while maximising revenue. Fraudio’s founders are from the payments industry and don’t believe in black-box solutions. They ensure that end-users are provided with insightful and timely information to control payment fraud and merchant portfolio risk, while ensuring the highest level of security and auditability.


João Moura – CEO; Nathan Trousdell – COO.

Portugal Ventures’ Investment Manager

Fernando Ferreira