Plant care products for a better world

Big Idea

Generosa is on a mission to revolutionize how we care for plants in our homes. Generosa’s innovative product line is based on circular economy principles, using natural by-products ingredients, and upcycled materials. Generosa´s plant care products are good for the environment and make plant care easy and enjoyable, empowering people to keep their plants alive for a longer time, and contributing to a more sustainable, nature-related lifestyle. The modern visually appealing design and simplicity of use is leveraging digital marketing and social media platforms to engage with consumers and build relationships with an increasing community of plant keepers who are looking for sustainable products to match responsible consumption.

Activity Highlights

  • Winner of the 2nd edition of the program Triggers, from Casa do Impacto


Rosário Sommer – Co-Founder; Cristina Mota Capitão – Co-Founder.

Portugal Ventures’ Investment Manager

Helena Taveira