Big Idea

Based in Porto, Portugal, since 2018, Flowco is an eco-product design hub, that creates sustainable and aesthetic solutions for architects and interior designer’s visions, using waste as a raw material. With roots set in architectural practices, the team joins forces with material development labs and design schools, to implement the circular economy in design thinking, all the way from concept to the final product, adding value to waste management industry.

Flowco is excited to announce GOMA XL, the first colorful and flexible sports floor made from the recycling of footwear. With the technical guarantee of impact absorption and thermal and acoustic improvement. With an annual consumption of 20 billion pairs of shoes, only 5% are recycled. By incorporating this waste in the production of GOMA, we contribute to increasing the value chain and implementing a circular economy. GOMA is an ecological product that favors the visual sense, as well as touch and smell. To break with the barriers of creativity, the gum adapts to curved surfaces, both concave and convex. With hand-selected waste by type and color, enhances a highly customizable service, placing the product on the high-end design market.

Activity Highlights

  • First Place in the competition of ideas Larus Design 15’ 
  • Honorable Mention Innovation ValorPneu in the category Businness and innovation at the exposition Bienal Ibero Americana in Madrid


José de Almeida – Co-Founder; João Sebastião Ataíde Goulão – Co-Founder; Rodrigo Melo – Co-Founder; António Vale – Co-Founder.

Portugal Ventures’ Investment Manager

Helena Maio