Capturing the heartbeat of the ocean

Big Idea

HydroTWIN – Smart Acoustic Solutions is a spin-off from blueOASIS, established in May 2023 and headquartered in the Azores. The company specializes in real-time underwater noise monitoring solutions. HydroTWIN technology integrates Industry 4.0 technologies, like artificial intelligence, IoT, and numerical modelling to identify multiple sources of underwater noise. This technology finds application in promoting ocean sustainability, assessing environmental impact, and in maritime security and defence. The company relies on a multidisciplinary team ready to address the most demanding and promising challenges.

Activity Highlights

  • TOP 40 Smart Ports Challenge in the project AspBAN
  • TOP 20 of the competition promoted by Green Offshore Tec


Erica Cruz – Gerente; Guilherme Vaz – CTO; Paulo Curto – CCO.

Portugal Ventures’ Investment Manager

Pedro Grilo