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Big Idea

Immunethep has developed an anti-bacterial immunotherapy based on the discovery of a virulence mechanism shared by a set of different pathogenic bacteria. It discovered that a single molecule (extracellular protein), which is excreted by the pathogenic bacteria, is able to completely shut down the host immune system, letting the bacteria thrive and causing severe infections. Thus, by neutralizing this molecule it can induce protection. By addressing an extracellular virulence factor that is highly conserved in the different bacteria, the company’s anti-bacterial immunotherapy elicits protective antibodies against all the serotypes of the referred bacterial pathogens., It will, thus, also prevent the emergence of strains which are not addressed by current vaccines and which only address structural epitopes. The first product, PNV1 – Paragon Novel Vaccine, is a preventive strategy that will provide robust protection against the main life-threatening bacterial infections. Immunethep’s PNV1 will be the first vaccine able to prevent multi-bacterial infections from all its serotypes from the womb to elderhood.


Bruno Santos – CEO & Co-Founder; Pedro Madureira – CSO & Co-Founder.

Portugal Ventures Investment Manager

Patrícia Costa