The Independente Collective

Big Idea

Independente is an innovation-driven hospitality group that is focused on developing hybrid hotel/hostel properties with strong F&B outlets in unique locations. They are an alliance of travelers, adventurers and pioneers looking for fresh paths to tread, different boundaries to cross and new friends to make. Independente is the brainchild of four brothers. Avid wanderers who envisioned a different concept of hospitality where travelers, as well as locals, would come together sharing stories, experiences and memories.

Activity Highlights

  • The House of Sandeman: Hostelworld Awards: Best New Small Hostel, Magazine TIME – Best Places to Visit 2019
  • Amadeus Brighter Awards Entrepreneurs of the Year 2015 – Bernardo e Duarte d’Eça Leal (winners)
  • 40 under 40 Dinheiro Vivo in partnership with Anje – Duarte d’Eça Leal (nominee)


Bernardo D’Eça Leal – Founder; Duarte D’Eça Leal – Founder; Margarida Pinheiro – COO; Isabel Pereira – CFO.

Portugal Ventures’ Investment Manager

Miguel Barbosa