Focused on treating eye diseases

Big Idea

INEYE PHARMA is a start-up focused on treating eye diseases. It was founded in 2017, by two researchers from the University of Coimbra, with the aim of transferring to the market the technology developed during the doctorate of one of the co-founders. The technology, already patented in the USA and in other countries, allows the administration of drugs in the eye for several months in a controlled manner, avoiding the use of drops, which improves patient compliance to therapy and drug effectiveness. The team has already managed to raise €500K, between scientific projects, prizes, and investments, and is now looking for an investment round of €500K to start clinical trials in 2024.

Activity Highlights

  • Arrisca C – 1st Place
  • EIT Health Innostars – 1st Place
  • EIT Health Headstart – 3rd Place
  • Innov C – 1st Place


Marcos Mariz – Co-Founder & CEO; Paula Ferreira – Co-Founder & CTO.

Portugal Ventures’ Investment Manager

Pedro Grilo