kendir Studios

The creation of efficient, pedagogically adequate and motivating educational games and gasified environments tools for teachers and students.

Big Idea

Kendir Studios is a game and R&D studio, which connects creativity, interdisciplinarity into agile productions of impactful contents, both for teachers and students, working the multiple pedagogical and didactic aspects that are required to, alongside narratives and 3D spaces, produce high quality educational outcomes.

Activity Highlights

  • Winner of the BfK Ideas 2021 in the creative industry area
  • Finalist of the BfK Rise 2022
  • Finalist of the entrepreneurship competition Montepio Acredita Portugal
  • Winner of the DigiEduHack’21 – Lisbon Edition and finalist of the European Edition 2022
  • I&D entity acreddited


Eduardo Nunes – CEO; Jamim Oliveira – CTO.

Portugal Ventures’ Investment Manager

Helena Taveira