Is your media content engaging enough?

Big Idea

MediaProber is the world’s first automated biometric media testing platform. We offer media owners and broadcasters data on the second-by-second emotional impact of television and other video content, by recording the biometric reactions of thousands of viewers as they watch content form their homes. Our clients use these engagement metrics to optimize media products, and valuate and show efficacy of their media inventories.

Activity Highlights

  • Winners of the IIEX Innovation Award North America (UK)
  • Winners of the MRS ASC Breakthrough Technology Innovation (UK)
  • Shortlisted Prémios NOS Inovação
  • Shortlisted the MediaWeek award (along with the ITV – UK)


Pedro Almeida – CEO; Nuno Dias – CTO; Joe Timson – CRO

Portugal Ventures’ Investment Manager

António Martinez