Connects Professionals and Companies from the hospitality sector in a simple, innovative, and efficient way

Big Idea

It enables companies from Hotel and Restaurant industry to reinforce teams with qualified professionals during the specific period of workforce needs. In an intuitive and transparent approach, this model automates profile matching, insurance, payments, and any other administrative or legal tasks. To companies from Hotel and Restaurant sectors, merytu it’s a brand-new reality where the cost efficiency, the reduction of time losses, and the performance-focused selection of professionals welcome a whole new competitive edge. Regarding professionals, merytu allows an epic lifestyle, where the career journey is drawn by themselves, with above-average earnings, and unprecedented evolution possibilities.


Francisco Nogueira de Sousa – Co-Founder & Chairman; João Silva Santos – Co-Founder & CEO; Ronaldo Marques – Co-Founder & CTO; Manuel Ferreira Mendes – Co-Founder & CLO.

Portugal Ventures’ Investment Manager

Miguel Barbosa