AI-based planning and simulation system for orthopedic surgery

Big Idea

Implant Manufacturers’ inventory consigned to each hospital is a major problem, generating huge costs annually. A lot of the inventory is excessive, much of the items will become obsolete before use, costing them an average of +$300M every year, and corresponding to a significant environmental impact as mostly composed of polyethylene. PeekMed® is an AI-based planning and simulation system for orthopedic surgery, that allows surgeons to automatically plan the procedure using the patient’s X-ray or CT scans, without the need of an engineer, and therefore better treat their patients, improving outcomes, while helping with inventory management. PeekMed is MDR certified and FDA cleared.


João Pedro Ribeiro – CEO & Co-Founder; Sara Silva – COO; Jaime Campos – CTO & Co-Founder

Portugal Ventures’ Investment Manager

Nuno Macedo