The Tech Company that rents Boats

Big Idea

Sailside helps boat owners monetize their boats through boat rentals. We are the only peer to peer boat rental marketplace in Portugal and we have the most engaging approach to monetize boats. P. Morgan said that if you need to ask what the price of a yacht is, you probably can’t buy it. This is where Sailside comes in!

Activity Highlights

  • Sailside won 1st place at the national level of the 1st edition of Tourism Explorers, the largest tourism acceleration program in Portugal.
  • It also won 3rd place in the Babson Challenge.


João Maria Vasconcelos Vilas Boas – Strategy, Fundraising, Communication; Pedro Canedo – Head of Operations; Pedro Lourenço – Finance, Strategy, Process Optimization; Ricardo Lobo – Head of Tech development.

Portugal Ventures Investment Manager

Joana Rocha