The leading Portuguese company in the area of educational and scientific toys

Big Idea

Science4you is a 100% Portuguese company dedicated to the development, production and commercialization of educational and scientific toys to stimulate children’s knowledge acquisition. It currently has offices in Lisbon and Porto, and subsidiaries in Madrid and London. It regularly exports to over 60 countries and has a range featuring over 500 scientific and educational toys. It also offers other services, including science birthday parties and summer camps, science workshops at schools and after-school clubs, and training for young people and teachers.


Miguel Pina Martins – CEO; Tiago Alves – Marketing & Sales B2C; João Simões – Support4you; Tiago Pegado – COO; Filipe Silveira – Head of Innovation; João Simões – CFO and Manuel Laia – Head of Sales

Portugal Ventures Investment Manager

João Pereira