Big Idea

In recent times, there have been several reports of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) incidents involving aircraft in the airports or airfields. With the mobile system for immobilizing and diverting unauthorized UAVs, it is possible to protect the intrusion of unauthorized UAVs (commercial and custom-made), ground, air and water vehicles in restricted areas, e.g. airports, military areas, condominiums and occasional situations of public events or areas where it is necessary to ensure public safety. Since it is a mobile system, it can be easily and quickly adapted to the areas to be protected. This system minimizes interference with other systems and, on the other hand, implements advanced techniques of signal emission with high energy efficiency, minimizing the environmental footprint. The modular system was designed based on its ease of transport and handling by defense forces (military and public security).

Activity Highlights

  • Silver Medal (world’s top 100) – China International College Students’ “Internet +” Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition


Renato Ferreira – Jamming & Beamforming Specialist and Network Developer; João Gaspar – Spoofing Specialist and Software Developer; Pedro Sebastião – Technical & Innovation and International Commerce; Nuno Souto – Specialist in transmission & analysis of radio telecommunications

Portugal Ventures’ Investment Manager

Helena Taveira