The only continuous monitoring device for urinary infections

Big Idea

TIMEUP is a spin-off developed within the University of Coimbra and created in 2023 by 5 researchers from the areas of microbiology and biomaterials, from the UC research centers – CNC-UC, CEF and CIEPQPF and with the participation of a researcher from the Polytechnic Institute from Coimbra, who since 2018 have been developing an innovative diagnostic device, capable of monitoring patients’ urine for several weeks. The company already has a functional prototype tested in the laboratory to detect the bacteria responsible for more than 80% of urinary infections, which in 2024 will be optimized to monitor more pathogens.

Activity Highlights

Before the creation of the startup they received 3 international awards to support the development of the technology TimeUp:

  • Prototransfer INESPO III, 2018
  • EIT Health Innostars, 2019
  • Caixa Impulse, Fundação La Caixa, 2019


Igor Tiago – Partner; Marcos Mariz – Partner

Portugal Ventures’ Investment Manager

Pedro Grilo