Topo tents

Empowering our community to go OUT and Explore!

Big Idea

TOPO® is a Portuguese start-up focused on exploring nature and collecting unique memories and outdoor experiences (IG:@topotents). In their website, it is possible to rent a rooftop tent (TOPO) that can be installed in any car. Their Explorers can install and uninstall a TOPO, in their vehicle, at any point in our network of Pick Up Points, and set off to their adventure. TOPO® promotes a lifestyle in permanent contact with nature. An economical, safe, practical and very comfortable solution.
It already has a network of Pick Up Points in Portugal (Lisbon, Porto, Faro, Chaves and Funchal), in Maputo, and very soon in Madrid. You can install your TOPO at a Pick Up Point and uninstall it at another. With TOPO, benefit from accommodation, whenever and wherever you want!

Activity Highlights

  • 2019 – Partnership Campers (Hertz + Jeep + TOPO)
  • 2020 – Programme Imagens de Marca, SIC – TV station
  • 2022 – TimeOut magazine
  • 2023 – New market – Spain


José d’Orey Ramos – Business Development and Operations; Filipe Mateus – COO; João Homem – Business Development and Finance; Ricardo Vallejo – CTO.

Portugal Ventures’ Investment Manager

Joana Rocha