Tree Flowers Solutions

Always on! Always nature!

Big Idea

Tree Flowers Solutions is a company dedicated to the research and development, production and commercial exploitation of natural preservatives for the agri-food industry and in particular the beverage industry, namely the wine industry and its derivatives. The company aims to place itself at the forefront of the sector through distinctive growth, distinguishing itself from competitors through the sustained development of its products. At Tree Flowers Solutions they believe that what comes from nature is always better Because it is more perfect, because it has more quality, because it is healthier and almost always because it is more effective Therefore, everything they do want to be born in nature because that is the best path towards maximum quality. They were born with the mission of being a reference in biotechnology, focused on bringing the best conservation solutions to the world But always respecting the principles of concern and respect for human beings, the planet and sustainability. They value people and they have a team of excellent professionals with very deep technical and academic knowledge so that they can make a difference. They have a Smart Size business dimension that prioritizes agility, versatility and responsiveness So that in the end we can bring to the market the best solutions and the best products through cutting-edge, effectiveness, transparency and ease of understanding and implementing what they produce. Their path begins in Bragança but they dream of going around the world Leading through the vanguard of thought, through the exquisiteness of everything they produce and through respect for nature, which gives us everything we need.

Activity Highlights

  • Entrepreneuship and Innovation Award CA 2019
  • BfK Awards 2019
  • ANI recognition in I&D


João Gonçalves – CEO.

Portugal Ventures’ Investment Manager

Pedro Grilo