Big Idea

Wakaru® is a technology-based company, focused on developing solutions for the management and analysis of complex events in real time; the creation of 100% digital customer experience ecosystems; software development services or tailor-made integration, innovation and R&D and auditing and consulting in management systems and information technologies. We leverage our innovation capacity to develop new products with an SAP® consulting practice specialized in customer and asset management, supported by SAP® vertical systems: S/4HANA for Utilities, CRM and Digital Supply Chain. 

We apply our knowledge to all sectors of economic activity, but we have significant international experience in the Energy and Utilities sector where we have been introducing intelligence in network management, transforming them into smart grids, the integration of network management systems (OT-Operational Technologies) with business support systems (IT), improving operational efficiency and the customer experience. 

The Water Wyse System® product, is a system that allows a 360 ° view of the urban water cycle, transforms data into knowledge through real-time monitoring, management and control of the supply, residual and rainfall water networks. The convergence of analytical and predictive data, supported by machine and deep learning, allows anomalies in water quality to be identified, reduce losses, leaks, breakages, non-revenue water, response times, balances supply and demand and optimizes the water- energy. 

Our integrated management system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001® (Quality Management System), ISO/IEC 27001® (Information Security Management System) and NP 4457® (Research, Development and, Innovation Management System) standards. 

Activity Highlights


  • ADENE – Portuguese Energy Agency, within the scope of the AQUA + prizes “Technologies for monitoring and controlling water use: TECH AQUA + Network”, in its first edition, made in collaboration with Planetiers World Gathering, attributes the honorable mention of interoperability to the Water Wise System®.
  • Get in the ring – Wakaru® with the Water Wise System® was one of the 20 startups with the most promising solutions to solve the challenges of the 21st century selected for the Get in the Ring Lisboa competition.


  • ANI-National Innovation Agency, recognizes suitability for the practice of innovation and R&D, in Water and Environment, Management and efficient use of water, Energy and Smart energy networks, Smart Cities, Industry 4.0 and IoT. 
  • Finalist of the contest “Promove – Border Regions”, organized by the La Caixa Foundation. 


  • Recognition by the Water Global Practice of the World Bank and several government entities in Panama, as the Water Wise System® is one of the most innovative solutions worldwide for the management of water networks, winner of the H2O Challenge award. 


Vitor Prisca – CEO; Carlos Oliveira – Head of Business Development; Paulo Esteves – Head of Innovation and R&D; Sérgio Pinto – Head of Operations; João Mugeiro – Head of Utilities Center of Excellence; Pedro Cascalheira – Head of Marketing and Communication, Brand Manager.

Portugal Ventures’ Investment Manager

Helena Maio