Building Smart Display Networks

Big Idea

Wall-i is a programmatic outdoor advertising network, that displays ads in screens for segmented audiences, by age, gender, location and market, in places such as retail stores, supermarkets, hotels, insurance and banking branches and agents, stimulating the immediate purchase of a specific product or service by that specific audience. Wall-i aims to be the Google Ads of the outdoor advertising. By combining plug-and-play screen incorporation and audience recognition technology (age, gender and mood), with a CPV /CPM business model, it enables real-estate owners to monetize LCD screens and tablets with ads.

Activity Highlights

  • Fidelidade Protechting Startup Accelerator Winner
  • Prio JumpStart Winner
  • Altice IoT Challenge Winner
  • Beta-i LisbonChallenge Winner


José Lima – Co-founder & CEO; Sérgio Piçarra – Co-counder & CTO; Pedro Figueiredo – Co-founder & CFO.

Portugal Ventures’ Investment Manager

Helena Maio