The Digital Wallet for ID Assets

Big Idea

WalliD is a cutting-edge digital identity solution that addresses the challenges of the fragmented and insecure digital ID landscape. With a comprehensive suite of SDKs and low-code tools, WalliD enables developers to easily and securely access multiple verifiable data sources, such as blockchains, PKIs, and DIDs. This empowers them to authenticate and verify users’ data within their systems. WalliD also caters to users, providing a self-sovereign wallet that allows authentication on both web2 and web3 platforms while ensuring control over assets and data. What sets WalliD apart is its unique approach. Rather than reinventing the wheel, WalliD aggregates existing infrastructure, making it interoperable and safe. It goes beyond typical onboarding product suites by offering digital ID verification and being fully open-sourced. Operating on the frontend, WalliD prioritizes privacy, putting users’ data security first. With a team experienced in digital ID and smart contracts, WalliD is positioned as a leader in creating interoperable infrastructures for secure digital IDs.

Activity Highlights

  • Winner of the Startup Lisboa Rocket Acceleration Program


Filipe Veiga – CEO; Vitor Viana – CTO; Beatriz Pereira – Head UX/UI; Guilherme Arsénio – Full stack developer.

Portugal Ventures’ Investment Manager

Adão Oliveira