Solutions for professionals to improve their clients’ physical performance and nutrition.

Big Idea

At Wisify, we are committed to offering unparalleled technological solutions in the field of sports and nutrition, through patented devices and software applications. Our goal is to add value and meet the needs of our customers, especially healthcare professionals, by providing products and services that: facilitate decision-making; make assessments accurate; and increase work efficiency. With cutting-edge products and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, we believe we are the ideal choice for high-quality technological solutions in the sports and nutrition sectors.

Activity Highlights


  • National: Dispositivo para Medição de Espessura de Pregas Cutâneas, National Patent nº 1051870, Application filed: 02-07-2010, Granted.
  • European: Device for measuring the thickness of skin folds, Internacional Application nº PCT/IB2010/055701, Application filed: 09-12-2010, Granted.
  • American: Device for measuring the thickness of skin folds, American Application nº US9198602B2, Application filed: 09-12-2010, Granted.


Tiago Andrade – CTO & Co-Founder.

Portugal Ventures’ Investment Manager

Helena Maio