Big Idea

The assessment of body fat has a great impact in body fit and wellbeing, namely in nutrition, health and sports. Wisify – Tech Solutions is a Spin-off of the University of Porto, established in August 2018, which is dedicated to the development, manufacture and commercialization of Lipowise, the most advanced digital skinfold calliper in the global market. Lipowise is a smart tool for rigorous and fast body fat assessment, for faster, low-cost and accurate localized body composition assessment for use by professionals in health and sports areas. Lipowise is portable, and communicates via Bluetooth with its own applications, having been granted patents in the largest European markets and in the United States

Activity Highlights

  • First Place – Award Fresenius Kabi “Nutrição Clínica”, APNEP (2008)
  • First Place – Award Fresenius Kabi “Nutrição Clínica”, APNEP (2009)
  • Best Free Communication, APNEP (2009)
  • Nutrition Awards 2010 – Inovation, APN (2010)
  • FEUP Colheita ’75 (2010)
  • 40th Inventions of Geneva – Silver Medal (2012)
  • 2nd Best Free Communication XIV APNEP Annual Congress (2012)
  • First Place – Award Fresenius Kabi “Nutrição Clínica”, APNEP (2013)
  • Cárdio Med.Ideas  Award 2018
  • EIT Headstart Award 2019
  • Selection to the Qatar Sports Tech Accelerator 2020 (10 Startups selected in more than 1400 applications)


  • National 1: Device for the acquisition and processing of data for determining body mass, Device for Monitoring, Digital Recording and Assessing Body Composition, INPI nº 103721, PT, Application Date: 16-04-2007, Granted.
  • National 2: Device for Measuring Skinfold Thickness, submitted to National Institute of Industrial Property, INPI nº 1051870, PT, Application Date: 2 07 2010, Granted
  • European: Device for measuring skinfold thickness, International Application nº: PCT / IB2010 / 055701, International Filing Date: 09 12 2010, Granted.
  • American: Device for measuring skinfold thickness, Application nº: 13807658, Application Date: 09 12 2010, Published: 16-05-2013, Granted.


Ricardo Moura – CEO & Co-Founder; Tiago Andrade – CTO; Eduardo Mouta – Sales Diretor.

Portugal Ventures’ Investment Manager

Helena Maio