Big Idea

We are a 100% Portuguese company that dedicates itself to explore and develop solutions based on IOT technology – Internet of things. Our purpose is to place Portugal in the front line on one of the markets which has the most worldwide growth potential. IOT technologies represent the third technological revolution, after the internet and smart phones. New ways of communicating and interacting with the market, machines and objects with constant data flow, collection and analyses of data without precedents, new infrastructures of communication… these are some of the realities that we’ll be able to assist with soon and that we want to help build. In 2018 we started this project with an exhaustive research on the market for IOT solutions in Portugal and globally. After a year of researching, interviewing, meetings and brainstorming, we founded Wysensing with well defined goals and objectives. Through the acquired experience, we opted to start our own offer with a solution of monitorization and maintenence of equipments and places, vocationed to be an essential tool for the control analyses of quality and sanitation. All companies worry about hygiene and security, but the activity branch brings different demands. Procedures like the cleaning, temperature, pest control and sanitation records require time and resources. With our tool, through the placing of a specific hardware, we’ll suppress all tasks that can be done by a machine and create alerts and attributions to mandatory tasks. We also create a constant data flow that allows the elaboration of meticulous reports on equipments and time span. It also allows us to make an alarm system that gets differentiated by severity, by dispatch (SMS/TLM) and by recipient. We’re going to relieve companies’ operational loads, augmenting the security and reliability levels. It’s a versatile solution because the client defines their level of need, being able to adapt it at any given moment. It’s broad because it isn’t limited to only one market segment, and it’ll always be constantly improving.


Tiago Morais – CEO; Pedro Morais

Portugal Ventures’ Investment Manager

Helena Maio