Level up the experience!

Big Idea

The X-PLORA app guides users throughout a Venue or a City in a totally interactive and immersive way. As the visitors move around, the APP provides customized information/content, determined by the user’s exact location, profile and interests. With features of Geo-Referencing, Virtual and Augmented Reality, 3D Sound, Gamification and Inclusive Visits for different kinds of visitor profiles, X-PLORA takes the visitor experience to the next level.

Activity Highlights

  • Finalist of The Stadium Business Summit 2019 in the “Fan Experience Award” category, held in Manchester, UK with the app Benfica Tour 360 App
  • Selected as partner of the Change the Game initiative in the “Excellent Experiences” category, held in the Amsterdam ArenA in 2019


Mafalda Ricca – Founder & CEO; Lourenço Cunha Ferreira – Founder & Creative Director; Luís Agrellos – Founder & Technical Advisor; Martim Pessanha – Founder & Commercial Advisor.

Portugal Ventures Investment Manager

Pedro Cunha