What is Call Madeira

  • Call Madeira aims to promote access to venture capital financing for innovative projects with activity in the Autonomous Region of Madeira.
  • Portugal Ventures is willing to invest up to €200,000 per company/project.
  • Submissions are open until 14th March.

Conditions for Eligibility

1.Companies in the following stages are eligible: 

  • Pre-seed/Seed,
  • Startup.

2.Incorporated or be incorporated companies with activity in the Azores with a maximum of three years of economic activity, until the moment of the investment.

3.In the following verticals:

  • Life Sciences (Therapeutics, Med Tech, Diagnostics);
  • Tech (Cloud & IT, Enterprise and SaaS, Mobile, E-marketplaces, Travel & Leisure Tech);
  • Others (namely Blue Economy, Endogenous Resources, Energy, Agri-food Sector, forestry industry, nanotechnology and materials).

Characteristics of the Projects

Projects most likely to be invested in will have the following characteristics:

  • An original idea of and led by the founders;
  • Be promoted by multidisciplinary teams;
  • Focus on tradable goods or services that are part of international value chains;
  • A clear strategy to protect and enhance intellectual property, if applicable;
  • Significant global market potential;
  • Implementable with available resources;
  • Covered by the incentive schemes for the Autonomous Region of Madeira (A.R.M.), if applicable;
  • Promote the export capacity of the A.R.M.;
  • Promote the image of the A.R.M. as a nature and environmentally sustainable destination;
  • Foster entrepreneurship in the A.R.M.

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