What is Call Tourism

Portugal Ventures aims to invest, between €200,000 up to 1 million euros in Technological and Non-technological projects in the Tourism. Submissions are open until 31st January 2021.

Call Tourism intends to identify investment opportunities that contribute to:

  • Increase the competitiveness of the country’s tourist offer;
  • Enhance the tourist experience in Portugal;
  • Improve the efficiency of businesses in the sector.

Characteristics of the target companies

Incorporated companies or those to be incorporated, the projects of which must be an original idea of the founders, must have one or more of the following characteristics:


  • Have a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), preferably with market feedback and some confirmed customers:
  • Projects focusing on tradable goods or services that are part of international value chains;
  • R&D-based projects resulting from an innovative process to create a new technology, process or thing, or which improve technologies or processes already available on the market.
  • Projects based on disruptive technologies will be given priority;
  • Projects with a clear strategy to protect and enhance intellectual property.


  • For hotel and similar projects, a municipal licence must have been issued by the date of submission;
  • Tourist entertainment activities related to cultural and landscape heritage;
  • Tourist experiences that encourage the exploration of new territories;
  • Activities linked to the use of endogenous resources and cultural space revitalization;
  • Innovative accommodation or that which directly promotes culture or the environment.

8 steps you need to follow to submit an application to Call Tourism


Step 1:

Read the documents that are available on our website carefully, including the project eligibility conditions, the basic requirements that must be met and the characteristics of the target companies in which we propose to invest.

Step 2:

If you have a tech-based project we recommend that you ask yourself the following questions after reading the document:

  • Is the project an original idea from the founder and is it led by the founder themselves?
  • Do I already have an MVP (minimum viable product/pilot)?
  • Do I have market feedback?
  • Do I have confirmed customers?

Step 3:

If yours is a non-tech project we recommend that you ask yourself the following questions after reading the document:

  • Is mine a hotel project? Do I have a permit? You must hold a permit at the time of application.
  • Has my tourist entertainment company already been incorporated? Do I have the permits and licences needed to pursue the activity? You must be registered with the Portuguese Tourist Entertainer Registry (RNAAT)

Step 4:

Once you are sure that you meet all the requirements we recommend that you read the Term Sheet for your type of project(tech-based or non-tech), which summaries the terms and conditions of our investment. If you have any questions regarding the terminology used in the Term Sheet, please refer to the glossary available on our website.

Step 5:

Once you understand Portugal Ventures’ investment process you are ready to prepare your application. Register on the platformand start filling in the application form.

Step 6:

Don’t forget to save the information as you fill in the form.

Step 7:

At the end of the form there is a list of some supporting documents that you’ll need to provide for assessment of the application (pitch deck, business plan, video link, project description, competitive analysis, CV of the founders, financial statements – for incorporated companies, and other legal documents). Please prepare them carefully.

Step 8:

If you need help preparing your application, we recommend that you visit the Ignition Partner Network section of our website.

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