Open Day – Tourism

Within the scope of the Call Turismo +Crescimento, Portugal Ventures will held a special edition of the initiative Open Day on 17 April , to get to know tourism projects.

The session will be virtual, with 25 minutes: 10 minutes to promoters present their projects, and 15 minutes to Q&A by Portugal Ventures’ team. The slots will be schedule by order of registration. If we receive more registrations than the slots available, we will promote one more session on 18 April.

The promoters should fill out the form bellow until 12 April.

  • Max. file size: 20 MB.
    1. Management team (Management, Board, Advisors, Investors);

    2. Solution and Value Proposition (What is the problem you are solving?; What differentiates you from the Competition?; Do you have a patent?);

    3. Competition and Differentiation (Who are the Competitors?; How big are they?; Why do you think you outperform them?);

    4. Prototype Roadmap / Proof of Concept / Minimum Viable Product / Product (Do you already have a Prototype / Proof of Concept / Minimum Viable Product / Product? If you don't have it, how long do you expect it to take? How do you plan to develop it? Who could be early-adopters?)

    5. Target market and positioning in the global value chain (How big is the market? How and at what speed do you expect the market to develop in the coming years?);

    6. Business Model (type of earnings; current and expected earnings growth?);

    7. Traction (if available) If the company is in the Digital area, how many users have active / paying users? Who are these users? What is the average cost of customer acquisition? On average, what is the duration and value of a customer's life cycle ?;
    If the company is in the Engineering & Manufacturing area, what kind of feedback does it have on the market? Has MVP been tested in a real case? Who are your current and future customers?
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