Big Idea

NU-RISE is driving the next-generation of radiotherapy by empowering doctors “to see while treating”. NU-RISE provides real-time patient dose tracking for adaptive radiotherapy helping doctors to deliver safer and accurate radiation therapy in less treatment sessions. By monitoring in real-time the level of radiation being delivered near the tumor and surrounding organs at risk and combining this valuable data with NU-RISE’s adaptive software, it’s possible to perform treatment adjustments every time a deviation occurs. Doctors can better target the cancer while protecting patients from unnecessary radiation and avoiding severe secondary effects. It’s an evolution for cancer treatment—faster, personalized, and safer cancer treatments.

Activity Highlights

  • Eit Health Bridgehead Global, 2020
  • Maze X accelerator, 2020
  • Born From Knowledge Prize – ANI, 2019
  • Eit Health Headstart, 2019
  • Eit Health Catapult, 2017
  • SPIE travel grant, 2017
  • National Innovation Competition, 2015
  • Arrisca C Business Idea Competition, 2013
  • Winner of Building Global Innovators, 2014
  • Finalist of MassChallenge Boston
  • Finalist of Everis Awards
  • Semi-final of EIT-Health Innostars
  • Winner of National Innovation Competition
  • Winner of Arrisca C Business Idea Competition
  • Empreendedor XXI – Caixa Risk (2nd place)
  • Semi-final of EIT Health Catapult
  • Born From Knowledge Prize – AN


Luis Moutinho – CEO; Joana Melo – COO.

Portugal Ventures’ Investment Manager

Nuno Macedo