Charitable marketplace – empower the causes you love in a way that suits you

Big Idea provides a marketplace that allows people to shop, sell and donate to their favourite charitable causes. The platform enables charities to diversify their fundraising base and reach new audiences through online charity shops, donations and special charity auctions with celebrities and brands. After reaching 50k users and 800 charities, the marketplace is now getting businesses involved. eSolidar for Businesses is an impact-driven employee engagement platform that allows companies to better understand and empower their employees, while measuring and amplifying social impact, by mixing the power of analytics, volunteering and charitable giving. In a nutshell, eSolidar allows businesses to learn & understand employees’ motivations & preferred causes, measure their engagement index, align CSR strategies with their preferences and benchmark against other businesses.

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Marco Barbosa; Rui Ramos; Miguel Vieira