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AJP is Portugal’s premier manufacturer of Enduro motorcycles. Since 1987, the Company has been developing, manufacturing and selling motorcycles for recreational enduro, leisure and travel on the road. Its bikes are designed and built with simplicity and durability driving its intentions, and assembled with passion by a small, but very knowledgeable and enthusiastic team of engineers, using top-quality components. Essentially, they are trail bikes that can race, not race bikes to struggle with on the trail… Every single AJP motorcycle has been developed using cutting-edge technology, built under rigorous quality requirements, delivered with the utmost care and assisted by a body of qualified technicians to ensure the customer’s satisfaction from the very moment of purchase all the way through to the riding of an AJP motorcycle.


António Pinto – CEO & Founder; Miguel Oliveira – Sales Manager.

Portugal Ventures Investment Manager

Nuno de Almeida