BHOUT merged fitness and gaming, and reimagined the boxing bag

Big Idea

BHOUT is a startup on the frontier between gaming and fitness that brought the punching bag into the 20th century. The BHOUT bag combines information from computer vision, sensors and artificial intelligence to identify each movement, power, impact location, speed and helps to improve technique. When a shouter hits a BHOUT Bag, he may learning a new martial art, improving technique, competing with others, or or playing a video game. After a series of highly successful tests at the first BHOUT Club in Lisbon, which became the most profitable club in Portugal, soon BHOUT will be at home, in companies, in hotels or in future BHOUT Clubs.

Activity Highlights


Mauro Frota – CEO/CVO; Pedro Barata – CXO; Mário Santos – COO; Salvador Barros – Head of Growth; Sérgio Sousa – Head of Fitness Product.

Portugal Ventures’ Investment Manager

Maria João Almeida