Clean Energy. Decentralized, digitalized and democratized.

Big Idea

Their mission is to simplify, amplify and accelerate energy decarbonization for companies and communities around the world. They achieve this by focusing on two key vectors that drive value for our clients: smart energy efficiency and access to affordable clean energy. All our services are designed to reduce utility related operating expenses, complexity, volatility and unpredictability in respect of energy procurement, consumption, generation, storage, balancing and trading.

  • Smart energy efficiency as a service (EEaaS): through their suite of proprietary advanced energy management software platforms (Kisense®, Kiplo® , Kiome®), they effectively monitor, manage, optimize and control client energy needs in real time, from individual assets to aggregated portfolios. Their solutions deliver up to 30% savings in energy related operating expenses while significantly lowering CO2 emissions. They also address grid-level flexibility, market balancing and trading needs by aggregating and efficiently distributing clean energy from prosumers to consumers and energy operators. Today, they manage over 2TWh serving over 2000 client locations, including leading industrial enterprises, banks, hotels, international airports and energy communities.
  • Access to affordable clean energy as a service (CEaaS): they deliver turnkey solutions that unlock the benefits of distributed energy resources through collective self-consumption to commercial and industrial clients and local communities. In short, they bring together distributed energy assets (PV solar, wind, storage, EV charging units, etc.), financial capital, digital technology and domain expertise to decarbonize client operations while reducing overall energy costs through multi-year service contracts. By combining the benefits of affordable clean energy and smart energy efficiency at zero capex, they ignite the energy transition for local communities around the world, including industrial parks, transport hubs and suburban agglomerations.


James McDougall – Chairman & Co-Founder; Basilio Simões – Vice-Chairman & Co-Founder; Reed Snyder – Board Member;  Michael Pinto – CEO & Co-founder; Luisa Matos – CIO & Co-Founder;  Filipe Neves – CFO;

Portugal Ventures’ Investment Manager

Filomena Pastor