Core Protein

Big Idea

CORe Protein is developing a protein isolate using whey that is wasted during cheese production as using wasted fruit (also “ugly fruit”) as flavour instead of a synthetic molecule. The product is, therefore, 100% natural, benefiting the entire supply and production chain, providing customers with good quality whey protein with the added benefit of consuming actual fruit and allowing the consumer to personalize their nutritional value intake.

Lactose is a by-product of filtering protein out of whey and can be fermented into ethanol and sold as a disinfectant or to alcoholic beverages companies or even as a biofuel.

We are currently identifying optimum drying and filtration conditions, comparing several innovating techniques to evaluate cost/benefit in hopes of identifying the most economically viable combination of techniques and finalizing and MVP.

Activity Highlights

  • First Place Startup Weekend Azores 2016
  • Second Place Concurso Regional do Empreendorismo 2017
  • First Place NASA Space Apps Challenge


Rui Cordeiro – CEO & Founder.

Portugal Ventures’ Investment Manager

Helena Taveira