We are a builder hub that connects developers and organizations through hackathons and bounties

Big Idea

LayerX, established in 2018, pioneers the decentralization of software development with three major products. TAIKAI, a web3 platform, is dedicated to facilitating online hackathons, nurturing developer networks and promoting talent to potential employers. Bepro Network, a web3 protocol obtained from the acquisition of Bepro Network Labs in 2022, streamlines bounty-based software development by connecting organizations with a global developer pool. Lastly, Dappkit, formerly Bepro.JS, is a JavaScript and TypeScript framework that simplifies the creation of decentralized applications. LayerX synergizes these tools to revolutionize the tech industry landscape.


Mário Ribeiro Alves – CEO & Co-Founder; Hélder Vasconcelos – CTO & Co-Founder.

Portugal Ventures’ Investment Manager

Fernando Peres Ferreira